Ultrasonic immersible transducers plates

Ultrasonic immersible transducers plates

Ultrasonic immersible transducers plates are used for sonication in big tanks or sinks without having to modify the existing equipment to a large extent.

Deep cleaning ultrasonic immersible transducers plates give you the ability to add the ultrasonic advantage to your existing cleaning application. We bond and wire the immersible transducer inside a durable stainless steel container.

Then seal it with a stainless steel lid. This gives you the ability to “drop in” transducers to an existing tank or application.

Immersible transducers plates have wall-mounted and bottom-mounted.

Wall-mounted transducers are often used in applications that release heavy contaminants into the wash solution. Any sludge collecting in the bottom of the tank will not affect their performance.

Bottom-mounted transducers are often used in cleaning parts that have the geometrical sizes and use ultrasonic motors to transmit sound through the water. This pulls the dirt away from the parts grips.

Immersible transducers plates use heavy-duty 304 stainless steel to ensure long life and performance.

Custom size follows your existing equipment and offers hardware to ensure easy installation.