ultrasonic cleaner frequency

28kHz or 40kHz for Ultrasonic Cleaning


Frequency for ultrasonic ,mean the how many sound wave vibrates per second. 28kHz  represent 28000 vibrations per second. 40kHz represent 40000 vibrations per second. 40kHz frequency will higher than 28kHz.


Ultrasound has different applications in different fields.28kHz at ultrasonic cleaner used on cleaning ,repairing or removing large impurities, such as cleaning car engines or cleaning metal surfaces.

40kHz at ultrasonic cleaner are more suitable for delicate cleaning, such as electronic components and small objects, glasses and jewelry, etc.


The penetration of ultrasonic depends on the frequency.High frequency ultrasonic are less penetrating than lower frequency ultrasonic wave.

28kHz ultrasound is better at penetrating some thicker materials. 40kHz ultrasound is better for thinner materials or the cleaning object require delicate handing.

4.Energy focus

The energy focus of ultrasound is also related to frequency. because 40kHz has higher frequency, it focuses energy better in a smaller area ,it is suited for fine processing or partial treatment.

Then, the difference between 28kHz and 40kHz  ultrasound lies in the frequency, application, penetration and energy focusing.40kHz has higher frequency and better for small parts cleaning.

Generally speaking, the lower frequency is preferred for large massive workpieces or workpieces with are more densely packed. the higher frequency is often used for smaller, more intricate parts or components with complex geometries.