How to choose the ultrasonic cleaner’s frequency?

The frequency of an ultrasonic cleaning device has nothing to do with the cleaning power.

The ultrasonic cavitation is closely related to the frequency. the higher frequency, the higher the cavitation valve.

In other words, lower frequency, easy to create the cavitation, and the compression and effects of the liquid under low-frequency conditions the bubbles can grow to a large size before collapsing then to increasing the cavitation strength, then to conducive the cleaning.

The ideal cleaning frequency is determined by what is going to be cleaned. simply speaking, the higher frequency the more capable it is to remove smaller particles.

Generally speaking, the lower frequency is preferred for large massive workpieces or workpieces with are more densely packed. the higher frequency is often used for smaller, more intricate parts or components with complex geometries.

From the cleaning effectiveness and economic considerations, the frequency will choose between 20-130kHz.but which frequency is suited for your workpiece, it needs to take some test.