Integrated or separate ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner machine is divided into integrated ultrasonic cleaner or separate ultrasonic cleaner.

The difference between is the ultrasonic generator and the cleaning tank are separated or in a single enclosure.

These two structure ultrasonic cleaning machines all have unique advantages. The machines have characteristics.

We recommended analyzing and comparing the specific situation to choose suitable for your application.

First of all, we from the save space.

The integrated cleaning system will have the ultrasonic transducer installed on the cleaning bath and put a matched ultrasonic generator into the enclosure, just need to plugin. The machine will start cleaning.

It saves space. For the small in size, it’s easy to place.

But separated ultrasonic cleaner.

The ultrasonic generator is separate, need other places to put it.

If ultrasonic power high will meed more ultrasonic generator to match the power.

It needs more space to install and is inconvenient to place.

From special demand, the requirements for ultrasonic cleaners in different workplaces are also different.

For example, some factories’ workshop is wet. It’s easy to cause circuit corrosion and rust, then cause electrical short-circuit.

In this situation, separate the ultrasonic generator away from the wet environment, which is not only required to ensure the machine operates. Also, make the machine for service life longer.

So, if ultrasonic power was small, you can choose an integrated ultrasonic cleaner for industrial cleaning.

For a wet environment, choosing a separated ultrasonic bath will be better.

Anyway, follow your own need to choose the precision and effective cleaning.

If need our engineer to offer some suggestions, please send us an inquiry.

We will follow your information to offer the cleaning solutions.