Clean circuit printer board in an ultrasonic cleaner

If you want to remove residues of Grease, flux, solder and coolant from assembled circuit printer boards,using ultrasonic cleaner is the fastest and most effective way.

Ultrasonic cleaners use physics to cleaning, ultrasonic transducers create billions of microscopic bubbles that implode on contact with the circuit printer boards ,that process called ultrasonic cavitation.and this cavitation will strip away all contaminants from all surfaces and without damaging the PCB components.

ultrasonic cleaner detergent

Step 1, before ultrasonic cleaning

Solvent, buy it from solvent supplier, and mind the dilution ratio, this ratio is very important for cleaning, so we need test it.each time mind the water and the solvent’s ratio.

Step2, choose ultrasonic cleaner ,put water and solvent into the ultrasonic cleaner

Great ultrasonic cleaner

Step3, Degass

To speed up the process, use degas function.because degassing will happen the solvent left alone for hours.

Turn on the degas function 5-10 minutes .this process removes built up gases in the final solvent that can prevent the cavitation process the ultrasonic uses to clean.

Step4 ,Cleaning

using ultrasonic tank for PCB cleaning

Put your PCB into the ultrasonic cleaner and fill with fluid, turn the machine on.

also turn ultrasonic heating on ,we suggest using the temperature’s  range 50-65℃,but difference solvent take some change.

Remove PCB after 5 minutes and wait for dry.

Then done, simple.