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Industrial Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner with Oil Skimmer Tank

Tank dimension:750×550×500mm


Ultrasonic power:2520W

Heating power:6000W


Adjustable heating:30-110℃


Industrial Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner with Oil Skimmer Tank includes a basket, hinged lid, and carbon oil filter, solution filtration system with a particle filter.

The spray bar removes oil and particles floating on the liquid surface and prevents redeposition on the cleaned parts. Solution filtration extends the lifetime of the cleaning solution reducing waste disposal costs.


1, Welded cleaning tank made of 2mm stainless steel SUS 304/316 tank.

Drip-proof housing made of stainless steel SUS 304, acid-proof and anti-corrosive.

2, Industrial grade for 24 hours of continuous working.

3, Filling level mark: well recognizable imprint for the minimum filling level of the cleaning fluid.

4, Inclined tank bottom, for improved cleaning results through the ideal distribution of ultrasound.it also facilitates the cleaning of the tank, caking of residues is avoided.

5, Multi-direction castors with brake.

6,0-60 or 0-99 mins digital timer or continuous operation.

7, Optional in two frequencies:40kHz and 28kHz.

8, Ultrasonic power can be adjusted from 0 to 100%.

9, Temperature adjustable from 30 to 110 degrees.

10, Heating can be used non-stop independent of the cleaning function.

11, Including stainless steel 304 basket and take-off lid.

12, Custom size and options according to the customers’ request.

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