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How to choose Frequency for Ultrasonic Cleaner

Author : Yangxing Date : 2012/4/21 14:41:41

How to choose ultrasonic cleaner frequency 28kHz VS 40kHz

A lower frequency ultrasonic cleaner, then, provides more aggressive cleaning than a higher frequency unit with an equivalent power output.  But, there are some not-so-beneficial consequences of using lower frequency as well.

Because of the higher energy implosion of cavitation bubbles at a lower frequency there is a risk of causing physical damage to the parts being cleaned.  More specifically, softer metals such as aluminum and brass, may show “cavitation burning” as minute particles of the substrate are physically removed from the surface.  Lower frequency equipment also tends to create more audible sound as the operating frequency is only slightly above the range of human hearing.

Higher ultrasonic cleaning is more gentle in nature and less likely to create “cavitation burning” of the parts being cleaned.  Higher frequency also results in less audible sound being produced by the ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

28kHz and 40kHz frequencies are several references that talk about the effect of frequency on things like cavitation bubble size, cavitation intensity, the number of cavitation bubbles, and other things like the “barrier layer.”  so it is need us do some experiment for judge.

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